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Recent projects throughout Scotland

On this page, you can see examples of recent projects involving arboricultural assessment, advice and woodland management.

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West Lothian Council play area

West Lothian Council

Tree condition survey and consultancy covering the Country Parks (including Beecraigs, Polkemmet, Almondell and Calder Wood). The project included drafting a tree risk management policy for the Local Authority Country Parks. Following detailed survey work, we prescribed and managed a programme of remedial tree work. Survey plans were completed for all areas under GIS and these have been updated following remedial tree work and re-inspections. (2011-2013).
A forest with a path

Dundee City Council

Woodland management and development throughout the Local Authority Parks and green-spaces (including Camperdown Park, Caird Park, Templeton Wood, Balgay Hill, Laird Hill, Dawson Park and Ninewells. A woodland survey was carried out for each area and detailed prescriptions recommended for the next 5 years. (2012).

East Dunbartonshire Council project

East Dunbartonshire Council

Arboricultural tree safety audit for East Dunbartonshire Council covering all the Local Authority Schools. The project included detailed prescriptions, prioritised according to the degree of urgency, as assessed. (2012).

Caledonian Properties, Glasgow

Caledonian Properties, Glasgow

Development of a health and safety audit on behalf of CKD Galbraith for extensive area of urban and rural woodlands and trees. Some 9,000 trees were surveyed initially using GIS mapping. On-going assistance is provided with follow up surveys, supervision of remedial works and training of staff to carry out routine inspections. (1998 to present).

Private Estate, Perthshire

Woodland management plan and successful SRDP application for Estate; grant aid approved for woodland creation, management and for wood-fuel business.

Estate, Argyll

Wood-fuel feasibility study and business plan.

flood alleviation

Local Authority flood alleviation schemes

Arboricultural survey and advice in relation to Local Authority flood alleviation scheme: several projects undertaken.

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