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Tree Hazard Assessment and Management

We assist our clients in exercising their duty of care to the public in relation to trees and woodlands under their responsibility. Proactive management and assessment leads to a safer environment; timely intervention and management can reduce costs and improve the health of your trees.

Ideally, hazard assessment is undertaken under the context of sound tree and woodland management. Being expert tree consultants, we recognise the importance of tailoring advice to the individual circumstances of our clients and the specific issues relating to each site.

Our expertise covers the following areas:
  • Advice in drawing up a tree risk management policy based on your circumstances
  • Tree hazard inspections and surveys with expert arboricultural assessment
  • Recommending appropriate remedial action
  • Prioritising remedial tree work according to the level of risk and needs of the client
  • Estimating budgetary requirements and scheduling work
  • Ongoing training of key staff
  • Tree and woodland management plans
  • GIS mapping and reporting
  • Advice on replacement planting
  • Follow-up inspections and on-going advice

Projects vary from single trees to much larger projects such as Local Authority Schools, Country Parks and Private Estates.

We also provide:

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For tree hazard assessments in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland, call us on

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